A few more Family visits! ~ August 7, 2020

Friday was our last full day in Rochester, and Lover and I visited with his parents and hung out at Anna’s in the morning. Then after my friend Colleen finished up her work day, I headed over to see her and we snuck in one last visit while she baked pies. She’s a phenomenal baker, and we were too busy talking and prepping to remember to take any pictures! Darn! 🙂 After I left her house I went to Aldi to grab a few things for dinner, and as I left the parking lot, I was able to get through the intersection just in time before they shut down the road for a police protest! Crazy times we live in, and I was glad to not get stuck in protest traffic!

We drove out to Hamlin to have dinner with Nick and Sara. So glad we got to see them one more time, especially since we hadn’t seen Nick and the older two boys at all yet! We had a great dinner all together with the Russos, the Kodankos and Nana and Papa. Abby’s birthday was the day before, so we got to hug her and give her a card, and it was a great evening of conversation. There’s never enough time to fully catch up, but it was still a nice evening all together, although we missed the Melsons and the other Kodankos! Someday soon we’ll all gather again!

The cousins really wanted Keilana to spend the night, and she really wanted to as well, until she realized that meant being separated from her siblings. Many tears ensued from all parties, until Auntie Sara intervened and said all three big kids could stay overnight. Then everyone was happy! Well, at least until we drove away and Cassandra figured out that she was left out. Then there were lots MORE tears! But, I was happy that the older kids got a few more hours with their cousins!

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