Leaving Rochester ~ August 8, 2020

We had originally intended to stay through the weekend in Rochester, but between housing and Lover’s sleep apnea, it wasn’t going to be possible. So we spent Saturday morning packing up and cleaning Anna’s house (it wasn’t too bad though!) while the kids played with their grandparents for a couple more hours. The three older kids had spent the night at Sara and Nick’s with their cousins, so Lover drove over to pick them up before Nana and Papa headed over. Cassandra couldn’t decide if she was thrilled to have our undivided attention, or if she hated being away from her siblings. Jury’s still out on that one. The cousins are all getting so big!

Nana brought lots of fun treats for the kids for the trip, and once we got everything squared away, we headed out on the road once again. We were driving to Wooster, south of Cleveland, so about 4.5 hours. Everybody was pretty chill in the car – Lover was tired, I was tired and processing all the convos and fun we had during our time in Rochester, and the kids were beat from their sleepover. We watched the miles tick by and stopped for our lunch in a little town in Ohio in a park with a playground and a little free library. It was slightly cooler there, so we enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine and relaxed a bit before hitting the road again. We checked into our hotel, and they let us know that there was no pool, and no breakfast due to COVID (boo!) so we just relaxed in our hotel room, and I think we watched some cooking shows? Everyone fell asleep pretty early!

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