Fire, church, & a new state! ~ August 9, 2020

We stayed the night in Wooster, Ohio, which is super rural part of Ohio. That said, are there many non-rural parts of Ohio? We found a little church that was doing in-person services, and got there quite late due to the kids being crazy hungry for breakfast. Also, on our way there, we passed a pickup truck and camper that had somehow burst into flames, parked under an overpass! The flames were at least ten feet high, and it looked like the fire had started in the truck bed somehow. The driver was several hundred feet down the road (and safe and unharmed) and the fire department was pulling up just as we sped by. The heat from the fire, even inside our van, was incredible! So glad no one was harmed!

Luckily, the church was still doing worship and greeting time, so all we had to do was slip on our masks and find a seat! The church was really friendly and welcoming, and made a point of chatting with us and getting to know us even though we said we were just passing through. That always feel nice! They were a sweet little country church, and it was a nice morning.

While I was sitting in church, I realized it was my parents’ 40th anniversary! Later I sent them a quick congratulatory text in our family group, and then my brothers remembered too. 😉 So glad they’re happy together after all these years.

We had a longer drive today, and so we wanted to grab lunch and get right on the road after church. “Grabbing lunch” turned into an hour of waiting in fast food drive-thrus – there was nothing “fast” about the service that day! But, I did snap this fun picture of a pretty hydrangea while we waited. And my Junior Bacon Cheeseburger was super yummy!

We added a new state to our list today – Kentucky! This brings our total list of states visited to 21 – and we’re averaging about a thousand miles a week. Craziness! We’ve had lots of adventures though, and it’s been very fun. Tiring, but fun!

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