Haircuts & Sculptures ~ July 30, 2020

Lover took Thursday and Friday off, and that was totally the right call! We were able to fit more in and enjoy a little bit of downtime while still getting things done and visiting with family and friends.

We headed into Greece to visit my stylist, who I’ve missed terribly since moving to Colorado! We chatted while she tamed my hair and gave it an awesome cut, and then she did Lover’s hair too. It was nice to see Santa and also so great to get a fantastic haircut! Worth every penny!

Afterwards, we headed downtown to check out the Memorial Art Gallery’s outdoor sculpture garden. The kids really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and then got really into posing like the sculptures. They were really eating it up! We got in trouble with the security “guards” for allowing our kids to get a drink of water from the museum’s drinking fountains, which just totally blew my mind. What has this world come to, that we prioritize “sanitation” over a little kid being thirsty? Anyways.

We had a nice time with Nana and Papa and went out for pizza on Park Ave at a place called Chester’s Cab. It was very good pizza! It was a really hot day, so after we ate out on the patio, we were all ready to call it a night. We headed home and got cooled off in Katie’s very efficient air conditioning! 🙂

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