Library and Creek Swimming! ~ August 11, 2020

Betsy had all kinds of ideas of things we could do with the kids during the day. Today we decided to go to the library and read books for a while, and then just outside the library is a fun little creek, great for cooling off! I would have gone in too with the kids, but it was really muddy, and Jenny doesn’t really do muddy. 🙂 But the kids, especially the boys, had an absolute blast. There were a bunch of other families there, so lots of other kids. Some were well behaved and some were not. And some were trying to “social distance”! Kids and social distancing don’t really mix well. Betsy packed a picnic lunch for us while we were there, and then after a hour and a half we headed back to the comfort and coolness of AC! 🙂 How did people survive before AC, I wonder? They must have been much hardier! 🙂

Several weeks ago, the older kids put together a book that combined elements of the sticker books I bought them back in the spring. They had a whole story that accompanied the illustrations, and they wanted me to write it all down for them. So we spent some time working on that this morning, until my hand started cramping up! Typing is so much easier! 🙂 We have one more part to get on paper, and then the book will be completed! Writing and telling stories has been such a big part of our lives these past months, and it’s fun to see the kids get involved in it in their own way.

Betsy made us a yummy dinner and we talked and relaxed in the evening. I called it a night way too early but luckily Lover wasn’t as tired so he was able to stay and be a good guest. We make a good team! 🙂

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