Cooling off at the pool ~ August 12, 2020

I’ve been exceptionally tired here in TN, and finally figured out that my asthma has been flaring up! I started treating it with my usual cocktail – allergy medicine, coffee and my inhaler. Hopefully I’ll get some relief soon, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying drinking coffee! I don’t usually drink anything caffeinated anymore, so it’s a fun treat!

It was a REALLY hot day, so Betsy took us down to their HOA pool. The kids were super excited to go swimming, especially the big kids since they’ve really grown by leaps and bounds in their swimming skills lately! The littles were so excited that there was a kiddie pool, and Cassandra was actually swimming in the foot deep water! She’s like a little fish. 🙂 Betsy and I had made a run to Costco in the morning (which is how I figured out about the asthma, because I immediately was struggling to breathe in the mask inside the store) and picked up Caesar salads and a rotisserie chicken. The kids ate lunch with us at the pool, and Keilana got stung by a bee! Somehow she managed to sit on a bee, so it stung her on the back of her knee. It really hurt! She was a trooper about it though, and after about a half hour, forgot about it completely.

After swimming, I was totally wiped out, so the kids did tablet time and I conked out. Then Luke handled things until I woke up. We are counting down the days until he doesn’t have to juggle both his job and his family! Can’t wait! I’ve been really homesick this week, and we are all looking forward to getting home in a couple of weeks.

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