Dickie’s BBQ & Friends ~ August 13, 2020

We wanted to take the Mowerys out for lunch to thank them for being such hospitable hosts while we were in town. So we asked them where they would like to go, and they decided on BBQ. Seemed fitting for a week in Tennessee, so we said, A-Okay! The girls wanted their nails painted in the morning, so we did that, which kept them relatively quiet and still for a few minutes. Then we got all packed up and headed out to lunch!

Lover ordered us a variety plate with lots of meats, rolls, Caesar salad (my consistent craving thus far), lemonade, and mac n’ cheese. The kids ate really well, and then took the self serve ice cream outside to eat it while it thawed. Javi of course stood at the door so he could still watch the cartoons that were playing, which made him look like a sad little street urchin and we all laughed. Then we headed home and the kids played while Lover finished up working and we headed out to see the McGinns! One more stop in Tennessee!

Our kids immediately took to each other, and the adults were able to enjoy good conversation while they all played. We grilled and ate good food while we got caught up – it’s been too long!

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