Lucy’s Birthday! ~ August 14, 2020

Friday was Lucy’s birthday! It was so fun to be able to celebrate with them. We spent the morning working – I worked on recaps and Lover worked on paycheck making stuff, and the kids all played together. The McGinns have this bubble machine that was a huge hit! Then after we had all finished our work for the day, Lucy opened her presents and then we made dinner together. After dinner we sang to her and ate strawberry cheesecake. Great choice Lucy!

It was a low key day, and exactly what we needed. By the end of the day, even though my asthma was still bothering me, I started to feel much more relaxed and much calmer! Sometimes you just need to have a quiet day, and understanding friends. Talking to Jen and Dave is always so nice, and the conversation just flows and is interesting. I went to bed that night a little early, and felt refreshed and restored!

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