Downtown Knoxville, Games & Movies! ~ August 15, 2020

Lover mentioned something about Eggs Benedict on Friday afternoon, and it was then and there decided that would be the meal in the morning! He ran out Friday night to get the groceries he needed, and he got right to work in the morning! The kids scarfed down some cereal and then were hard at work on their perler bead creations. That was a big hit this weekend!

We ate the feast Lover made for us, and then seriously considered not moving for the rest of the day. Happily, we were able to rally, and the rain let up so we could go for a walk. Later, when the skies really cleared up, we headed downtown to check out the street art and street musicians. (Isn’t Jen a great friend? She knew what we loved!) We walked down some stinky alleys and found some really great art. We also enjoyed music from a steel drum musician and some bagpipes! Two of my favorite instruments!

One of the best murals was of Dolly Parton, one of my heroes. Who doesn’t love a slightly trashy looking blonde with a huge voice and an impressive resume? 🙂 We suffered through the heat and humidity (although it was actually not as brutal today) to do some exploring, but after about an hour and a half we were all ready to get back to cooler places.

We headed home and set the kids up with a movie and popcorn. Then the adults played Scrabble. That’s never been my favorite game, and I clinched last place resoundingly. No surprise that Lover won first place, especially with “equal” on a triple word score space. Wow! It was a great day and we stayed up way too late chatting after the kids went to bed. But hey, your kids are only asleep every once in a while, and you’ve gotta take advantage! 🙂

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