Driving to Memphis ~ August 16, 2020

After a lazy morning of packing, eating too much food again, and talking, we finally got our butts on the road. It’s hard to leave when you’re having such a good time, but we had a 5.5 hour trip to get through today, so eventually we got moving. I was dragging, and Lover’s not feeling great either. Apparently he got something called Swimmer’s Itch when we swam at the pool last week, and he’s been slowly losing his mind from the itchy spots that are all over. He’s been a great sport about it, but it’s uncomfortable and I feel bad for him. We dragged our kids away from their besties and hit the road.

Our trip was uneventful, and we pulled into Memphis right around 6pm. We checked into the hotel to see if they were serving breakfast (they’re not) so we headed to Walmart to pick up breakfast stuff. This is the only store we’ve been in that has required that the kids all wear their masks too, which was frustrating. We grabbed some food and headed back to the hotel, or, as we’ve taken to calling it – the Low- Quality Inn. 🙂

We’re staying an extra day in Memphis, so tomorrow we’ll get to explore a bit. Should be fun!

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