Walkin’ in Memphis! ~ August 17, 2020

Monday morning we hung out at the motel and had breakfast, watched cartoons and worked. I had a ton of recaps to catch up on, so I worked hard on that while the kids played and Lover worked at his actual job. 🙂 Then he had a call at 9:30, so I took the kids to go do a Starbucks run. We had several unused gift cards, so I used them to grab us an assortment of frappucinos. We went to a nearby park and did a taste test of them while also playing on the playground and doing some research for our next book cover. It was nice and pleasant, and only really hot in the full sun, so we stayed for quite a while.

Then we headed back to the hotel, where I worked some more while the kids played. We also did a video call with my parents – it’s been several weeks since we got the chance to talk to them. They are doing okay – hanging in there with all the restrictions and boring hot long month of August. It was nice to chat with them for a while, and we talked a lot about what all of our plans are for this next year. Hopefully things will open up soon so we can be all together!

After Lover finished work, we piled into the van and drove down to downtown Memphis. Dave and Jen had recommended checking out the Peabody Hotel – a beautiful, historic hotel that also has resident ducks who play in the fountains! There’s a whole ceremony around walking the ducks back up to their nighttime penthouse, so we found a spot to hang out and watch the ceremony. It was fun and everybody enjoyed it.

Then we walked down to historic Beale St. Most places were closed, and the streets were basically empty. But it was nice to be able to walk around and take pictures without having to navigate around a million people. The kids played for a while in a big plaza, and then we checked out some street art. Afterwards we were all getting sweaty and tired, so we googled a well reviewed bbq place and headed that way. We figured, when in Memphis, right?

We drove about twenty minutes to Lucy, TN, and ate some really great BBQ. The staff was friendly and laid back, the food was good, and the decor was so fun. A great place, check out Smokin D’s BBQ Pit if you’re in the area!

Happy 17th, Lover!

Back at the motel, we watched a couple of episodes of Shark Tank and then hit the hay early. Hopefully after another good night’s sleep we’ll start feeling like we’re back in business! Tomorrow we pack up and head to Little Rock, on our way to Rogers, AR!

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