Another Flat Tire! ~ August 18, 2020

Tuesday morning we packed up and said sayonara to Memphis. It took us exactly seven minutes to grab all of our stuff, get in the van and get everyone buckled! We are getting really good at this! We hit the road, with me driving because Lover was working. And…we only got a mile or two down the road before we got a flat tire! Bummer. We were on a really tight and busy part of the interstate, so I successfully convinced Lover to just call AAA and wait for them. It didn’t take too terribly long, and the guy was super nice and helpful. He got our spare on, and we headed out. While we waited, Lover had called around for someone to be able to fix the tire, and the only place we could find was in Jackson, Mississippi! So, we headed to the Discount Tire there and got to add a new state to our list for this trip.

Lover dropped me and the kids off at a mall while he drove to the tire shop. We explored Dillard’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and ate some lunch while we waited. We were prepared for it to take several hours, but the nice guy at Discount Tire helped us jump the line and Lover was back in just over an hour. And then we were back on the road! We drove to North Little Rock and checked into our Quality Inn. It was MUCH nicer than the one in Memphis, but it did not have a pool, so we just grabbed some dinner and tried to relax after a surprisingly stressful day. One of the joys of being on the road!

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