Crystal Bridges ~ August 22, 2020

The kids were all up at the crack of dawn, so they had cereal and played on their tablets while we stayed in bed and failed to go back to sleep. Oh well. Once everyone was fed and dressed and such, we headed to the Crystal Bridges museum of American Art – it was founded by Alice Walton and is free to the public.

It was a pretty cool museum and the kids really enjoyed parts of it. We checked out as much as we could, and then walked around the grounds outside where there are more sculptures and art. The giant spider was a big hit.

Then we had a picnic lunch, and hung out until it got too hot and sunny to be comfortable. We headed back home and relaxed in the air conditioning and rested until it was time to meet up for dinner. We made ravioli, kielbasa and veggies and everything was delicious! Saturday was James’ birthday, so there was also cheesecake, singing and a big bag of jerky as a present! Lover and I stayed up for a bit watching the newest episode of Lucifer – the new season dropped and we are big fans. 🙂

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