~ August 23, 2020

We got right up on Sunday, got everyone fed and dressed and headed out to meet James and Yesi for church. They are still exploring and trying to find a church home here, so we were going to visit a new church with them. We got there right on time, but there was no one in the parking lot! Turns out, this particular church was still only doing online services. The Daltons googled and found another church, and we headed there instead!

Turns out this church is a satellite church of Life.Church in Oklahoma, the church responsible for the YouVersion Bible app. We got the kids dropped off in all of their classes, and then we headed into the main sanctuary. We were a little concerned because they had earplugs available as you headed in to find your seats! The first song they did was Check Yes or No by George Strait! That was super fun, since that’s the song that Lover used to ask me out, many moons ago! Then the worship team doffed their cowboy hats, and led right into the worship time. And yes, it was loud, but it was really nice. Very smooth and professional, and we knew several of the songs.

The pastor welcomed everyone and gave a few announcements, and then introduced the speaker, Craig Groeschel. He’s the head pastor at the main church in OK, and the entire sermon was simulcast. In the beginning I was a bit disappointed about that, but he’s a very engaging and dynamic speaker who is clearly used to speaking to the cameras, so it was easy to be drawn in and pay attention. He gave a great sermon on Anxiety, and how anxiety is a signal to point us to prayer. I found it very encouraging!

Afterwards, James and Yesi came over for lunch – we had ravioli and kielbasa and veggies, and it was delicious. We visited for a while and then they had to head home to get work done. We’d monopolized enough of their weekend by that point! 🙂 The kids and Lover and I relaxed the rest of the day, and finally watched the end of The Final Table. The best man won! 🙂

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