New House, T-Rex & Lucy’s ~ August 24, 2020

After all of us worked on our own stuff throughout the day, we met up with James and Yesi in the evening to do a bunch of things! I took a few headshots for Yesi for her new job, we went and toured their new house that they’re building, and then we met up for dinner at Lucy’s, a little local diner that the Daltons told us had great biscuits and gravy. The Dalton’s house is beautiful, and we’re so excited for this new chapter of their lives.

By the time we made it to dinner, I was about ready to faint I was so hungry. I even tried to convince Lover to stop and get me chicken nuggets on the way to the diner! Lover ordered fries right away, while we decided what we actually wanted to order. I’ve never had to wait so long for fries in my life, but it ended up being worth it because they were hand cut, deep fried and seasoned and man were they yummy. I ate them so quickly I gave myself heartburn, but it was worth it. Then we ordered our actual dinner, and sat outside and listened to the cicadas while we visited. We parted ways from there, since James and Yesi had more work to do that evening.

The kids got very creative today – Javi made a T-Rex out of legos, and they invented this strange game where they hid underneath the stretchy slipcover of the couch and made terrifying faces. đŸ™‚ They’re so funny! Also, while they played in “Acorn Valley” (the little gully behind the house) Javi found a skeleton bone! We did some research and ended up discovering that it is an armadillo pelvic bone! So cool!

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