Rogers & Bentonville, AR ~ August 25, 2020

Tuesday morning I took the kids into Rogers to explore the town a bit. Sadly, the majority of the shops had greatly reduced hours because of COVID, so there wasn’t a whole lot to see. But, we did go into a little boutique shop and found a housewarming gift for our friends James & Yesi, and we walked the town a bit. Then we drove around a little more and found a fire hydrant graveyard, as well as a fun mural.

In the afternoon, Yesi offered to give us a date night, and everyone was super excited. Us, because we were getting date night, and the kids because they got to spend the whole evening with Yesi! I picked out a restaurant in Bentonville, and we drove up there. We spent about an hour exploring the main part of the town; we saw the very first Wal-mart (closed, bc of COVID, but we looked in the windows!) and found quite a few cool murals as we walked around. Then we ducked inside a little shop and purchased a fun fruit dip mix to make once we get back home. After that we went to the restaurant, and enjoyed some pretty good Italian food! If we want good Italian in Denver, we have to make it ourselves, so this was a fun treat. We got a fried calamari dish that also had octopus, zucchini and eggplant, Lover ordered lasagna bolognese, I got a crab ravioli, and the creme de le creme was the cake we ordered at the end. It had mascarpone cheese, Frangelico and nutella. Yummy!

Then we drove around for a bit, talked, and enjoyed the time together. It was a great evening, and Yesi said the kids behaved for her too, so everyone had a nice evening!

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