Keilana turns 7! ~ August 28, 2020

Mornings in Kansas are marginally cooler than the rest of the day, and the AC is not the greatest at this house so I took advantage in the morning and sat outside in the fresh air for a bit. Several trains went by, and the three younger kids put on their party hats and rode imaginary horses up and down the sidewalk.

Then we did a video call with Lover’s parents for KK’s birthday. We chatted with them and Keilana opened her present from them. She was very excited about the paper crafting book, and got right to work on the projects. We chatted for a while and got them all caught up, and Lover joined us in between work calls. We are so looking forward to him being done with work!

Then we relaxed, watched some shows and waited for Lover to be done with work so Keilana could open the rest of her presents. She was very patient, but very excited to do the rest of her birthday celebration! Her favorite present by far was the raptor that Javi, Declan and Cassandra picked out for her. Apparently that’s her favorite kind of dinosaur! ๐Ÿ™‚ After that we did the pinata, we had found a little unicorn pinata at Walmart and the kids filled it with yogurt covered skittles. Surprisingly, the pinata was very sturdy, so we eventually had to take a claw hammer to it to get the candy out! ๐Ÿ™‚

After that we did candles and sang Keilana happy birthday, and then we loaded up and went to Wichita to play at Dave and Busters! Keilana had spotted it on our way to our Airbnb, and she suggested it as a fun activity. And it was! Everyone had to wear masks, which wasn’t the most fun, but we all enjoyed playing different games, and checking out all the fun stuff there. Then everyone gave Keilana their tickets for her to be able to pick out a few things at the store.

Last up was picking up a pizza for dinner – sadly even though the cafe at Sams Club was “open”, they were out of pizzas. So we grabbed a take n’ go pizza and cooked it at home, in our hot little Airbnb. ๐Ÿ™‚ It wasn’t quite as good as the cafe ones, but Keilana was happy and that’s what mattered. Over dinner we talked about the things we love about Keilana, and that’s how we celebrated our special seven year old!

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