Wichita, Kansas! ~ August 27, 2020

Thursday was a busy day packing up all our stuff (again!) and loading everything back in the van. We cleaned up the Airbnb the best we could, making sure dishes were put away and things were swept up. Then we loaded up and I drove us to Wichita, KS! This will be our last stop and then we will be home! We rented a little Airbnb for a couple of days so we would have a home base for Keilana’s birthday tomorrow.

We stopped about half way for a break, Lover’s call and lunch. We found a really cool playground for the kids, and they imagined they were on American Ninja Warrior as they climbed and balanced. It was incredibly hot, so after about an hour, we dove back into the AC and continued on our way to Wichita. We got to our little Airbnb in Sedgewick, and unloaded what we needed for our stay. We found a nearby Walmart and Dollar Tree and got all the supplies for Keilana’s birthday, including her presents! 🙂

Not a super eventful day, but everyone is excited to be most of the way back home. Our trip is almost over!

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