Video calls & Appts ~ September 16, 2020

Keilana learned how to do laundry yesterday. She’ll be responsible for her and Cassandra’s laundry once a week now. She was very excited to learn, and did a great job. She also got the last of her birthday presents – a unicorn pillow from Yayo and Yaya! She had it made in a second, and was so excited to name it and “ride” it around the house.

We slept in a little late in the morning – I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night, so mornings have been hard. Then we did breakfast and chores and showers before doing a video call with Lover’s parents. Lover set up in the living room with the laptop casting to the big TV, which the kids liked. They were all able to see their grandparents much more easily. Lover and his parents talked about current events, the kids played outside, and I listened for a while and then worked on getting a package ready to send to a friend.

After, I filled out a bunch of health history forms to take to my prenatal appointment with the midwife. Her office is clear across town, so we grabbed a snack and drove out there. Lover dropped me off and ran a couple of errands while I went to my appt. My midwife is very nice and very patient, there is no rushing in the appointment which I really appreciated!

Then we headed home and did a bit of quiet time, and then Javi and Lover made dinner. Javi made mac n’ cheese from scratch, with veggies, salad and sausage. Everyone thought it was very yummy! I worked on the photos from the photo shoot on Saturday, and then we all ate together. During dinner we talked about the circulatory system and why we don’t walk around on our hands instead of our feet.

Afterwards, we went for a walk in the nice cool evening air, and then we started watching the Bible Project again! Lover had the kids practice all summer rephrasing verses from Proverbs, and I felt like you could really notice the difference last night when we asked them what the video was about. We had some good discussions and then it was time for bed!

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