Dinner with friends! ~ September 15, 2o20

Today is a big day – it’s been 100 days since transplant for my friend Heidi! It’s so encouraging to see her recovering and back at home with her family. Next up (and hopefully last up) is her kidney transplant, but they still don’t have a date set for that. Please keep praying for her!

We jumped right into our day, doing breakfast and chores and school. Keilana made dough with Lover, and then Keilana and Javi worked on their social studies assignments, as well as more music assignments. Lover took Cassandra out for special time, which she was super excited about. When she got home, Keilana begged to be released from schoolwork so they could go have a tea party with the treats Cassandra had gotten. 🙂 Of course I said yes, we’ll work on the schoolwork later.

On Tuesdays I write in the mornings for a couple of hours, so I worked on edits for Intruder. I’m working my way through the chapters, and it’s really coming together even though this isn’t my favorite part of the writing process. The edits do make a big difference though! Thursday and Friday are my big writing blocks, so I’m hoping to get lots more done those days.

We did quiet time, and then worked on getting the house cleaned up and dinner made. Our friends Paul and Sandy came over for dinner, and it was so nice to visit with them! Keilana made personal pan pizzas, fruit salad and deviled eggs for dinner. Her pizzas were delicious, and she even made me some BBQ chicken pizzas since I can’t have mozzarella these days. They were super yummy!

We enjoyed a nice evening with Paul and Sandy, and then after they left we took a quick walk around the block. Walks in the cool evenings are so nice! Then it was bedtime for all!

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