It’s a… ~ September 14, 2020

Monday morning was the first day of our new two parent schedule! Lover rode his bike in the morning early, and then we got the kids started on their day. We all ate breakfast burritos together, supervised chores, and then did some schoolwork. Javi worked on an assignment from his music class, and Keilana worked on social studies assignments. Lover ran a couple of errands, and I held down the fort and got everyone through school, snack and Spanish videos. The kids ground their chalk into dust and then mixed it with water, turning it into paint. They painted some of the stuff in the yard – they’ve been watching videos of these guys who dig pools and paint them decoratively, and I think they were inspired! Then we video chatted with my parents, and got things ready for the sitter coming at 2pm, so we could go to the 20 week ultrasound! I fed the kids an extra snack to hold them over since we were doing a late (for us) dinner.

Maddie showed up at 2pm , and Lover got home from his lunch with Paul. We gave all the instructions and then headed out to the appointment. I was a little disappointed by the ultrasound – at other ultrasounds I’ve been able to see the screen for most of the visit, but for this one, the tech only turned the screen so I could see a couple of times. So I mostly just laid on the uncomfortable table and got poked and prodded with a full bladder. 😛 In the end though, we got to find out what we are having, and…

It’s a girl! Cassandra is very excited to have a baby sister. Everyone else thought it was a boy, so there were some tears. But ultimately, we are all very happy for a safe and healthy baby who’s growing right on target!

After the appointment we ate dinner and then tried to stay cool outside in the hammock while we waited for the sun to set. Cassandra was very crabby, and I realized that she was overtired from a few late nights with her siblings. So we went for a quick walk and then put her to bed. The other kiddos cleaned up and then we did bedtime. Lover and I tried out a new show that was a dud, and I was asleep before ten. It was a big day!

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