Packers! ~ September 13, 2020

We all got up, fed and dressed and walked to church. It was a lovely September morning walk, and then it was so nice to see everyone and be welcomed home at our church! We dropped the kids off at their Sunday school classes; they were so excited to go to their classes again after months and months of not going!

Lover and I went to service; it’s uncomfortable to wear a mask the entire time, but we both commented afterwards how great it felt to be back together with our church family. We stayed for quite a while afterwards and chatted with everyone, talking about our adventures and everything we missed here in Colorado. We set up a few days to have dinner with friends we’ve missed.

Then we walked home and put on the Packers game! It was so exciting to be able to watch football again. The kids kept themselves busy playing with their dinosaurs and cars (Declan played a fun game outside), and Lover and I watched the game. The piped in crowd noise was so strange, and I felt bad for the players because there was no big roar when someone scored. The game was in Minneapolis, and they are not allowing fans in the stadium yet. There were some cardboard cutouts though! The Packers started out a little shaky, but then they trounced the Vikings, finishing 43 – 34! Hooray!

During halftime, Javi started making his calzones for our meal. He was very patient and diligent, rolling out all the dough, filling the pockets, and creasing them closed. Lover helped him bake them all up and they were delicious! The bigs are going to be responsible for making a meal a week, and so far they’re doing great!

After the end of the game and our meal, we did quiet time. I fully intended to just watch shows for a bit, but ended up falling asleep for over an hour and half! The kids did their tablet time and played, and eventually Lover woke me up so we could go out for a bit.

We went to Michael’s and Office Depot for some school supplies, and then headed home. Then Lover and I spent an hour playing with furniture arrangements, only to end up putting everything right back where it was! 🙂 But we got everything cleaned up, and the new rug put down in the process. 🙂 Then the kids finished cleaning up everything else, and we did dinner for forever. The kids were so hungry they cleaned us out of all the leftovers! We did the dishes and put everyone to bed. I did some yoga, and then we watched a couple of shows and went to sleep.

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