Parks & Photo Shoots ~ September 12, 2020

Saturday we slept in while the kids watched shows and had cereal. I think this is one of the more brilliant things we have come up with as parents! We are soaking up all our lazy Saturdays before the baby comes. 🙂 After breakfast and a couple of hours of reading, we took the kids to the park to play. There were parties galore at the park – apparently people are over COVID. 🙂 The kids played and explored and made friends, and then we headed back for lunch and rest before I had a photo shoot in the afternoon.

My friend Erin’s family wanted a family photo shoot, so we drove out to the family ranch where we parted ways. Lover and the kids explored, while I wrangled about twenty people and five dogs for pictures. It was crazy and loud and fun. We drove past our other friends’ new house and then headed back home. It was a relaxing Saturday!

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