Haircuts & Date Night ~ September 11, 2020

Friday was our first official sabbatical day, and it felt like a vacation! Although we got quite a lot done, so maybe it was more like a work from home day 🙂 We cleaned the house, gave all the kids haircuts, and had a yummy lunch. I baked bread, and we opened up a package from the Harrises for Keilana and Lover’s birthdays.

The kids did more school, we did laundry and worked on lots of little things. The day flew by, and then it was time for date night! Lover and I picked up a deal from Uber Eats. We tried out a place called The Fat Shack. It’s junk food at its finest (and a prime location next to several week shops) I told Lover that it’s the kind of place I’d get a craving for when I’m nursing and hungry all the time. 🙂

Afterwards we drove up to pick up a little cradle for the baby, and then drove through the wildlife refuge. The sun was setting as we drove, so all the animals were out. We saw so many creatures and got some really great pictures. It was a nice, relaxing time. I always love seeing the bison, and there were SO many deer. The bucks all have their antlers, and they’re still hanging out in groups which is fun to see.

Lastly we drove to Home Depot and found a rug for the back room! We actually bought two, one to put in the front room as well. I’m not totally sure we want one in the front, but it will definitely help with sound absorption.

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