Lover’s Birthday! ~ September 10, 2020

Lover purposely made sure his last day was the day BEFORE his birthday, so that our first day of the sabbatical could be a double celebration! In true Lover style, he wanted a simple celebration and to spend the day with his family. We had breakfast burritos for, well, breakfast, and they were super yummy.

Javi found a caterpillar, and we picked up Sams Club pizza for lunch. Then Lover had to go to an HOA meeting to talk about the state of our yard after the way the tenants left it. While he was gone, I set up all of the parts of the scavenger hunt for his presents. The kids were super excited and we were all chomping at the bit for him to get back!

The scavenger hunt was lots of fun, and apparently I made the clues hard enough that it lasted for quite a while. He was very happy with all of the treats I got him, and the girls colored him pictures too. Javi’s present to him was to show him the caterpillar, and Declan gave him a sparkly circle confetti piece. 🙂

Then we did tea with the ginger molasses cookies dunked in it, Lover blew out a candle, and we all shared our favorite things about Lover. After we put the kids to bed, we watched a new rom-com and then went to bed. It was a very good day!

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