Wonderful News! ~September 9, 2020

Day 2 of our chilly weather, so we lit more candles, baked more goodies, and just generally enjoyed the coziness of our house. I made my favorite ginger molasses cookies, and after they set up in the fridge for a bit, the kids rolled them in sugar and we baked them up and took the chill out of the house! Then we did a bunch of school – working to get back into a rhythm and also keep up with our Options remote schoolwork that the teachers have sent over. They love the music videos!

Cassandra was my helper while I made lunch, I made arroz con frijoles which is pretty popular in our house. Cassandra helped chop things and stir the peppers and onions, and then peeled the oranges for me while I finished up the dish. I had to take a picture to commemorate Lover’s last day at work – we are so excited for him to be unemployed!

Then we hung out, watched some shows and stayed warm and cozy in the afternoon. I went out and did some birthday shopping, and visited with my friend Erin. I came home in time to help with bedtime, and then we did a video call with my brother Dan. The kids came in to wish him a happy birthday – and then they had great news for us! They got engaged over Labor Day weekend and we couldn’t be happier! Super excited for them and we LOVE Cat and can’t wait to make her an official part of the family. I told them that they made our year!

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