Tweety & Baking ~ September 8, 2020

Living in Colorado is always an adventure! The temperature dropped 60 degrees in less than 24 hours. We woke up to very cold rain, and by the end of the day it had turned into snow. We didn’t get nearly as much snow as the rest of our area (some got ten inches or more!) while we only got a dusting. But, it was still a drastic and welcome change! That’s what got me through the hot weekend, knowing that the cold was coming. In the morning we turned on the fireplace, lit candles and got cozy. It was lovely! And our home is finally starting to smell like home. 🙂

I worked on laundry in the morning, along with recaps and a few miscellaneous life things. Cassandra was my helper. Lover was busy with his second to last day of work, and we all had a full morning. KK was desperate to get outside (she loves cold weather) so we searched for all the cold weather gear and she headed out. She came back in almost immediately; she had rescued a little bird that was on the verge of freezing to death! She named the bird Tweety, and we found a box and some bird seed for it. It was very calm, and it almost seemed like it understood we were helping it. The kids gave it water with a medicine dropper, and it also took the water. It stayed quietly in the box for a couple of hours while it dried out all its feathers.

Lover and I attended a virtual meet and greet for a birthing center here in Denver. They seem lovely, and I’m just waiting to hear back from another midwife – hopefully by the end of tomorrow. If not, we’ll probably go with this center. By the end of the meet n greet, Tweety was very active, making little sounds and jumping up and fluttering out of the box. Lover got him to stand on his finger and we put him outside under the shelter of the eaves. A few moments later he flew off, all dry and restored! 🙂 KK was sad to see him go, but happy that he recovered.

Javi made banana bread in the morning. We didn’t have any more eggs, so he substituted a banana and it came out super yummy! It was the perfect midmorning snack.

Lover made an amazing chicken pot pie for lunch; it was the perfect meal for such a cold, wintry day! Lover and KK went out for special time and everyone else had quiet time. Then the kids played outside again, and Keilana opened another birthday package that showed up this afternoon. It’s a birdhouse that you paint and then assemble, so she of course got right to work. Lover worked on making a big batch of breakfast burritos, I started some applesauce, and then promptly forgot about it. I managed to burn it! Who burns applesauce? 🙂 I managed to salvage quite a bit of it, and started over, successfully making up a bowlful by the end of the night.

Everyone cleaned up the house, we did dinner and then headed to bed. Lover and I watched a cute rom-com on Netflix, and then I was toast. He stayed up for a while longer watching shows while I snored away.

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