Life Group! ~ September 7, 2020

Our morning was spent getting everything ready for our life group to come over. It got hot right away, but we kept the house closed up and it wasn’t too bad inside. The kids didn’t seem to mind today, even though the sky was overcast all day from the fires in Fort Collins. We cooked up the beef and prepped the taco bake we were making – a dish a friend made for us in Tennessee and I loved! It’s so easy and flavorful. 🙂

The day absolutely sped by. Everyone was late, not arriving til after 12:30, but from then on, it was just fun central. We have a new family that is joining our group, and it felt like they were the missing link, especially for the kids. Their kids are just the right ages to keep everyone connected, and the kids played for five solid hours and we barely saw them. We definitely heard them though! They played games, built stuff with legos, constructed rope swings outside, played hide n’ seek – you name it, they did it. They also watched a video on someone’s phone about speakers that made people speak what they are thinking. The adults ate yummy food and desserts, and just talked for hours. Brian F. told one of his ridiculously funny stories, and we got caught up on our plans, the Flannery’s move, got to know the new couple, Brian and Teri, and just had great conversation. It was the perfect kickoff to our year! After everyone left, Lover and I looked at each other and said,”That was exactly what we needed.” 🙂

We cleaned up after everyone left, the kids played for a bit more, and I did laundry. The kids were mostly out of clothes! KK opened a package from Yayo and Yaya, she was so excited to get her own cookbook! Then we put everyone to bed and relaxed in our room as the temperature dropped about twenty degrees in an hour and a half. We’re getting snow tomorrow! 🙂

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