Calvary Church ~ September 6, 2020

Sunday morning we planned to go to Calvary Chapel’s 10:45 service, so we had an easy morning. We got everyone ready, I did some stretches and yoga (I was sore from the yard work the day before!) and we had a leisurely breakfast. Then we headed to the church and got the littles checked into their classes. We’ve enjoyed exploring and visiting different churches over the summer, and our hope is to continue that tradition for at last a couple of months here in Aurora. But next week we’ll be back at our home church!

Calvary Chapel was nice, the service was a bit longer than the older kids are used to, but they did a good job being quiet and trying to pay attention. The pastor spoke on Jericho, and how there can be all kinds of Jerichos in your life. Very fitting for us, as we’ve struggled to let go of our plans for this year and have been trying to deal with the disappointment of it all.

After church we just hung out on the couch and snuggled. It was way over 90 degrees again, and our house started to heat up fast! We turned on the air and hunkered down. I was so hot!

During quiet time, Keilana made dioramas, and made a key for each one. I only got a picture of the dinosaur one, but she also did sea life, and one for the outdoors. Super creative! She also created a search n find book for Declan. He was so excited!

In the evening we spent some time cleaning up and getting ready for the Life Group get together we’re planning on having tomorrow. Looking forward to catching up with all of our friends!

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