A Second Date Night! ~ September 5, 2020

Lover and I worked on getting our back yard presentable again in the morning before it got too hot. There were some REALLY bid weeds back there! We pulled weeds, threw out trash, and just generally cleaned things up. Our backyard will never be picture perfect, but it’s at least looking like someone lives here again! We also cleaned off the front porch and did some more weeding in the front. We got a chance to talk to our neighbors on the south side – they are a sweet couple who have basically been quarantining since March. They’re getting a little lonely! Hopefully we can be an encouragement to them. They had collected a bag of school supplies of the kids, which was so nice of them.

After Lover and I got ourselves cleaned up, he took the kids to the splash park, while I worked on edits for Intruder (book 2 in the Hurricane Chronicles). It’s slow going, but I’m making good progress. Once they got back and I finished up, Keilana made us all lunch! One of the things we are trying out is having the bigs make a meal once a week. Keilana chose to do avocado toast with a fried egg, and she did a really great job! Everyone enjoyed their meal, and she did 90% of it on her own, with not much mess.

Then we relaxed for a bit and I took a quick nap before the babysitter came over. That’s right, TWO date nights in a row! Who even are we? When I was setting up a sitter for this weekend, one was free Friday night, and the other was free Saturday night, so we decided to just do both since we’ve missed so many date nights over the last six months. Lover made turkey cheddar paninis with cranberry sauce, and they were delicious. We ate our meal and then walked around IKEA and picked up a couple things we need. Then we drove through southern Denver/Parker/Aurora for a while and enjoyed the sunset, and stopped at Target on the way home for a quick bathroom break and a couple more little items we need. It’s proven a bit challenging to get the things we need right now – supply chains are disrupted everywhere, so you can’t count on just grabbing what you need at the store! Crazy times. Our last stop of the night was at King Soopers for watermelon. It’s been a crazy hot weekend and Sunday and Monday promise more of the same! So watermelon will be a welcome relief. While we were checking out, they announced over the loudspeaker that there were packs of 8pc hot chicken for $1.00! Lover was able to snag one. We’re expecting snow (!) on Tuesday, so we’re planning to make a delicious and cozy chicken pot pie. Can’t wait! And yes, you read that right SNOW! after four days in the 90s. What a strange place! 🙂

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