Date Night! ~ September 4, 2020

Friday morning I woke up and decided that what I really, really needed was sausage and eggs. Lover kindly offered to run to the store, and it was a good thing he did, because he found a MAJOR score! He found about twelve pounds of ground beef for $1.00/lb, a 2 lb flank steak for $1.50 (total), and two loaves of good bread for .79 a piece. Hurray! It was such perfect timing because we are hosting a Life Group picnic on Monday, and needed a whole bunch of ground beef for that! Thank you Jesus. 🙂

The kids played Castle Panic in the morning (and later came up with their own version that they also played) until it was time for school zoom calls. Keilana thought hers was a class (it was a social time) so she was very quiet and attentive, but not very participative. Javi’s call was directly after, and he was surprisingly chatty! He told his classmates all about our trip, and his favorite house they stayed in, and lots more. It was a bit of a surprise because Javi isn’t usually our chatty kid.

Then the bigs finished their music class assignments, and I finished up cleaning the floors. We had a couple of last minute touches for Airbnb, and now it is all set for our guests! We are pretty booked up for September and October, which is encouraging.

We did a video call with Ben and Eva, and little Sophie is not so little anymore! She entertained us all by laughing, smiling and screeching. What a fun little girl. Can’t wait to cuddle that little one in person!

Our babysitter arrived in the evening and Lover and I headed out for a date night! 🙂 We were so excited. Lover made tortilla sandwiches and we drove up to the mountains where it was cooler. We went for a long walk around the lake, took in some live music, and watched Trump supporters heckle a woman who was clearly NOT a Trump supporter. Then we ate our sandwiches and watched a pickup game of football and then drove back home. It was a lovely, relaxing, and fun evening! And so beautiful too. Colorado really shines in September.

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