Splash parks & Airbnb ~ September 3, 2020

Today was all about getting the Airbnb ready! We finished emptying out the downstairs, bringing all of our personal stuff back up to either the garage or the main part of the house. Now we have lots more to put away upstairs! Then I remade the bed and cleaned the bathroom and the kitchenette, and killed a bunch of spiders. Ew!

Declan and Javi played their lego game, and the bigs did their first virtual music class. Mrs. Cox is such a great teacher, and her liveliness comes through even remotely! Thankful for great teachers even in these strange times. We’re easing back into a stricter school schedule – although we learn year round and the kids have done a great job keeping up with their reading – and it’s been so awesome to see them really improve in both reading comprehension and length of time. Pretty soon they’ll be reading our books!

I headed out in the afternoon to do some solo shopping. I needed a few more things for the Airbnb, and I’ve started the ever frustrating hunt for maternity clothes. Although today I found a few things pretty easily! One top for the hot weather we’re still having, and two others for later in the fall when it cools off. Yay!

Once I got back home we played a couple rounds of Dutch Blitz. Lover beat the pants off of all of us two times! Then we headed to the splash park to cool off since it was a super hot day. The kids all played happily, and Lover and I talked for a bit. We are struggling with settling back in here. It’s obviously so nice to be home, and we’re grateful for our house and the awesome group of people we have here. But it’s disappointing to not be heading to Spain, especially as we unpack everything we had already packed up for Spain, and repurchase a few things that we will now need because we are staying. Just a week full of emotions!

Lover had an appointment with the DMV to get our van fully registered. Thankfully that went well this time, although we discovered that we have to go to the physical office for our licenses since everything got screwed up with online renewal during COVID. Bummer. Lover also spoke to our HOA representative and found out we have to appear before the board to attest to the fact that we never received our bill in the mail for our dues. So much boring life stuff!

We also replaced the lock on our front door – hopefully this new one we purchased will be easier for Airbnb guests to navigate. They had lots of issues with the last one (user error, mostly), and that’s the last thing you want as a first impression! The kids were excited to have chocolate pudding tonight, a benefit of living with a mama with pregnancy cravings! Oh, and KK lost another tooth – we are going to start calling her Toothless! 🙂

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