Book edits, performances & pretty dresses ~ Sept 2, 2020

Wednesday was another beautiful Colorado day! I spent the morning relaxing a little bit, and working on bringing up more stuff from the basement so we would be ready for our Airbnb guest who arrives Friday.

The kids did chores and cleaned up the house, and came up with some performances for us. Declan and KK did acrobatics on the red swing – basically they invented aerial dance! 🙂 They also made more plans for their treehouse that they are planning to build.

We headed out to run some more errands – seems like every day we are home we realize another thing we haven’t yet stocked in the pantry. This is one of the most challenging pieces of these big life changes we do – restocking the pantry and freezer! Hopefully a few more trips and we’ll have things squared away.

I was able to carve out an hour to make a master list for my next round of edits for Intruder. My wall is covered in sticky notes, and hopefully soon I’ll have a chance to get cracking on all of them!

Keilana wore her dress from Nana and loved it. She also did some crafting. I think she is pretty happy to have the chance to be creative again!

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