Cleaning & Errands ~ September 1, 2020

Today we spent a long time sorting and organizing clothes and putting them all away in our closets and dressers. I took the opportunity to sort through anything that was super worn from our trip (quite a bit!) and also packed away some things that won’t work for me again until after the baby comes. No point in having them cluttering up the closet! It was a long morning, but it feels good to have all of that working again for everybody! Our washing machine has gotten quite the workout since we got home, but it’s finally getting a chance to rest.

It’s been a busy couple of days, but the house is getting close to clean and we are getting settled back in. It’s a great feeling! There was more cleaning than I anticipated, but that’s okay. I basically had 13 weeks “off” this summer! 🙂

The kids have been super busy, playing out in our yard, playing with their toys, discovering some of their favorite things. We’ve barely seen them. They did ask at one point to watch a show, and were super excited to watch Pocoyo in Spanish again! Everyone is ready to get back to familiar routines and habits!

My friend Erin came over in the afternoon – gosh I’ve missed her! She was so great at keeping in contact this summer, but we still had lots to catch up on. It was nice chatting for a couple of hours, a lot has happened! We need to get together again soon, but it was so nice to spend some time together.

After she left, we went to go get some cash from the store and then we went to look at a bassinet for the baby. Sadly, it didn’t end up working out, but we did get some other errands done. We picked up a few replacement clothing items for Lover and I, a few organizing pieces at the thrift store, and a candle to help combat the scent of the 3 week old shrimp that was left in the fridge. Blech! Especially pregnant, that smell is not making me happy! 🙂 The kids had a bit of a hard time remembering how to behave on errands – it will take everyone a while to get settled back in.

Once we got home we did dinner and bedtime – couldn’t come soon enough tonight. We’re so thankful to be back in Colorado where the night air is crisp and dry! Makes for lovely sleeping!

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