A Dinosaur Kind of day ~ September 18, 2020

Fridays are another big writing day for me. Lover ran to the store to look for deals, and came home with bison breakfast sausage. We tried it, and agreed it would be better mixed in to things instead of on its own. We tag teamed breakfast and chores and getting the house in order, and then I started writing! I was able to finish up the revision of Intruder I’ve been working on, which was super exciting. So much work! Lover needs to read it again to get a feel for all of the changes I’ve made – we’ve rewritten a secondary character, deleted some scenes, and are discussing the length of the book and whether or not it needs to be shortened a bit. While I wrote, Lover took the kids on a long walk to the park.

We also did a video call with my brother and his family in Spain, and we spent a long time talking dinosaurs with my nephew. It was the most engaged we’ve ever gotten him, so that was super fun! We chatted for a bit and got caught up. Sophie was sleeping though, so we missed seeing her!

Keilana is copying out several verses from John 3.

After quiet time, we headed out to do an errand, and pick up cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger day! Two double cheeseburgers at McDs cost us $1.08! 🙂 We were going to get the kids nuggets, but they surprised us by also wanting cheeseburgers. We brought them home and ate them in the backyard as it cooled off and Lover and I relaxed in the hammock. My emotions have been all over the place this week, and so we talked and tried to pin down what was going on. Part of it is just a long week back in our routine, and part of it is still wishing we could be in Spain. That is proving a hard dream to let go of!

Afterwards, Lover went on a hunt for watermelon while I made popcorn for the kids. One of the bonuses of this week being busy is that the kids have watched very little TV, so they are looking forward to tomorrow morning when they get to watch cartoons! 🙂

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