Moving Day 2! ~ September 20, 2020

We started our day at church – the kids unanimously voted to stick with attending our church for a while, so they get to go to their classes, and see their teachers and their friends. We want them to feel comfortable and confident in our routine, so right now, that’s what we’re doing. Our church is requiring masks for adults throughout the entire service, so next week we may try the service on the plaza so that we don’t have to wear masks for an hour and a half. It’s really tiring!

We headed home and caught a little bit of the football game, until it was time to head over to our friends’ house and drop off Lover again for another day of moving. I took the littles back home with me, where we watched more of the game, had lunch and then picked up the other three Kodankos and we all drove out to Watkins again. On the way we heard a weird sound – once we got to the house we realized we had another flat tire! So we called AAA to come take care of it, and got to work helping our friends. I helped unpack the kitchen a little bit, and Lover unloaded a whole bunch of things. I’d say our friends are 80-90% moved out to their new place, and now the fun of settling in and organizing everything begins! After everything was unloaded we made root beer floats and sat out on their covered porch overlooking the property and hung out for a while. They have a super peaceful plot of land, and it was relaxing to just sit and hang for a bit with friends. Next week we officially start life group and we’ll be going through a book called The Third Option, which I’m really looking forward to.

Then we came home, and I made banana bread and dinner and got things prepped for Monday while Lover worked on State of the Kodankos. This year especially, we will need to stay more on top of our finances and menu plans, so we don’t stray off course!

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