The Dinosaur Park! ~ September 22, 2020

First thing on Tuesday I write for a couple of hours, although today I finished up editing the pictures from the photo shoot instead, and helped Lover with the kids so he wasn’t doing too much. I also worked on the FAQ page for my website; there are questions we get over and over on the whole process of writing and publishing books, so I want to collect them all in one place.

Then I headed out for some errands. Usually on Tuesdays Lover takes a kiddo with him to have special time while they grocery shop, but I had to go to the Options bookroom for more curriculum, and no kids are allowed. I found what I needed there quickly, and then went to Sams for gas and groceries, and then Walmart. Does anyone else get lost at Walmart? I frequently can’t find what I need there, and it’s frustrating. In the end I located everything except for salsa, so that will have to do. Then I came home so Lover could do his shift at the food pantry.

While I was gone, the big kids worked on their writing assignment. We are really focusing on writing all letters, capital and lowercase, correctly, as well as numbers. They also did their chores and worked on puzzles while I was gone. Then while Lover was at the food pantry, they all played playdoh and I made lunch. We had frittata, loaded cauliflower and yummy rice made by Javi. It was a delicious meal and I ate way too much! 🙂

We had quiet time for a little bit, and then took the kids to the Dinosaur Park. They love this park! There is a huge dinosaur skeleton that they can climb all over, and they spent most of their time there. Then we ran a couple of errands on the way home, including dropping off the pictures. Happy to have that taken care of!

It was a really full day, and we ended with dinner and another Bible Project video. We also might have chosen a name for the baby – we’ll let it marinate a week or two before we make a final decision, but I’m feeling good about this one!

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