Picnic, Interrupted ~ September 23, 2020

Wednesday morning, since Lover had a DMV appointment at our usual video time with Nana and Papa, we did it early. The kids ate their breakfast while we chatted, and Declan made silly faces. Then the kids and I did school – mostly reading and devotions. All three readers begged to do longer lessons, which of course I relented to! They did snack and Spanish videos, and then when Lover got home, we set the big two up with their art assignment from Options. We were really proud of them, not only did they complete the entire project, but they did it all on their own! We talked with Javi, who was concerned about doing a “boring project” about the concept of “eating the frog” by Mark Twain. The idea is that if you eat a frog first thing in the morning, the rest of your day won’t be anywhere near as hard! Javi thought this concept was very funny, and he did his project without any further objection. It’s a great lesson to learn!

Keilana also finished her birdhouse that she’s been working on for the past few days. Lover hung it up for her outside on the deck – hopefully it will get some occupants sometime soon! In the afternoon/evening, Lover and I relaxed in the hammock, and then sat in the front yard talking while the kids played for a long time with our neighbor. They decorated rocks and then Lover hid them like an Easter egg hunt. Then they played chalk until we decided that it was bedtime. Instead of Bible Project, we started reading The Jesus Storybook bible once again. I think we will alternate between that and Bible Project, so that the Littles can be more involved. Javi and Keilana took turns reading the story, and they did an exceptional job!

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