City Park, Denver CO ~ September 24, 2020

Wednesday evening I had thrown together a recipe for baked oatmeal. Lover popped it into the oven and we got ourselves ready and then did breakfast with the kiddos. I helped them get through breakfast, hygiene and chores, and then Lover loaded them up and took them down to City Park to explore. Thursday are my writing days, and I focused on finishing up the edits for Intruder. I got that done, including one more rewrite for a scene, and then worked on a non-fiction book about our Airbnb experiences. It was a relaxing and yet productive morning!

Lover and the kids discussed cell replication and death, and then what times in history they would like to visit as they drove downtown to the park. They explored and played for several hours and had lots of fun. While they were at the park, Lover got lots of dirty looks from moms who assumed he was a no-good good for nothing creeping on kids. Why is there this prejudice against dads being responsible for their children? It’s annoying.

It’s been like Christmas around here – our former neighbor has been sending gifts for the middles because we were out of town for their birthdays. They’ve gotten a bubble train, playdoh, new shoes and a dinosaur dig thing that they are very excited about. It’s been fun for them to get so many packages!

Once everyone got home we did lunch, and I worked on getting the kids clothes organized. The weather will be getting cold soon, so I’ve been going through and figuring out what everyone needs – it’s a big project especially since we are now preparing for baby as well! I’ve gone through all the drawers and bins, and am finishing up a list of winter needs. They’re saying it’s going to be a long cold winter, and if that’s true, we need to be prepared!

Then Emma (our babysitter) came and watched the kids for a few hours so we could have date night. The kids have taken to calling it date night as well, which is super funny to me. They love Emma and had a blast with her. Lover and I got something to eat, and ran a few errands, including picking up a sweet little sleeper for beebee. Then we set up chairs at the park and talked until it was time to head home to the kiddos. Date night during COVID has been more challenging, and now we are adding in the wrinkle of an advancing pregnancy!

We chatted with Emma for a bit, and then got the kids upstairs for bedtime. The kids once again wanted to read the Jesus Storybook, and they did a great job reading the story of the Fall. Pretty soon we’ll just hand over evening devotions to them! 🙂

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