Dinner with Friends – September 25th 2020

We started our day out as normal.

In addition to our normal chores and routines, our old neighbor had sent us a discovery kit for KK and Declan’s birthdays over the summer. The kids had a grand old time breaking apart the clay to discover “Dinosaur Bones” which they were then able to assemble into full skeletons. Javi absolutely did not have the patience to slowly chisel away the clay as intended so he went and got a hammer, and when the middles got tired he helped out by destroying the clay that was left.

After that we did one of the projects provided by the science teacher at options. The kids built structures out of spaghetti and tape. We discussed which shapes would be the strongest (triangles) and struggled immensely to not break every single stick of spaghetti while trying to make the structures.

After our projects and other schooling, Javi put the chicken in the pressure cooker for the quesadillas he will be making tomorrow. And we relaxed a bit before spending the evening with some good friends we haven’t had a chance to catch up with. We brought a small house warming gift and spent the evening catching up and swapping stories of our lives for the past 6 months or so.

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