Mountains and Friends ~ September 26th 2020

We woke up on Saturday and decided to throw caution to the wind, toss our plans out the window and head for the mountains. As we got ready we decided to go to Hiwan Homestead and texted some friends of ours that live near there to see if they were free to visit last minute. Javi finished making the chicken barbeque quesadillas, we threw that and a few other snacks in a bag and headed for the mountains. The home and museum were closed for COVID, but the park was open. We didn’t take many pictures but we spent hours catching up and hanging out. It was just the kind of restful Saturday our family needed. Our kids get along marvelously which allows us adults to just relax and talk mostly without interruptions. It was pretty perfect!

When we got home we made preparations for Sunday in between watching episodes of “The Masked Singer.” The kids love it, it’s just the kind of goofy brainless entertainment needed to relax once in a while.

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