Church, Life Group, Russia, and Packers! ~ September 27th 2020

Sunday was jam packed. We went to church and decided to sit outside to avoid the need for masks, we had checked the forecast on Saturday and it was supposed to be in the mid 60s. Well it was 55 and dropping as we walked to church. We snuggled under a blanket and did our best to stay warm during service. Then we walked back home to make sharlotka. The kids are studying Russia as part of social studies at the moment and we like to connect food and culture where possible to their lessons. So we settled on sharlotka which is almost like a apple cobbler with a meringue on top. The bonus is it was CRAZY easy to make. The kids did all of the work and we popped it into the oven just in time to pull it out before heading out to Life Group.

Our life group this year is doing lunches together, so between eating, hanging out and discussing The Third Option by Miles McPherson, we were there a good portion of the day. The discussion was not lacking in animated participation, and it was great to understand each other’s perspectives. I’m looking forward to continuing this study, and what we will learn together. Finally, we made sure to speed home in time for pizza and Packers at 6:20. We were so excited to watch them win once again – bringing their tally to 3-0! Fingers crossed for a wonderful season of football.

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