Doctor’s Appt ~ September 28th 2020

Today Declan had his belated 5 year well child visit. We tend to skip the well child visits as long as the kids are healthy and don’t need anything. We mistakenly thought this was one where he needed shots, but either way we wanted to ask about his acid reflux. Declan refers to this as “yucky burps.” He’s a healthy 5 year old that did well on all of their development tests, but I could have told you that.

During the Drs appointment Luke worked on school with the bigs. The project from their science class was to make ice cream and discuss the freezing point of water, as well as how impurities like salt or the fat, protein and sugar (that make the difference between water and milk) affect that freezing point. We also worked some more on Russian points of interest and culture. As an aside we also discussed the diffraction of light and why it “bends” the spoon that’s half in and half out of my tea, and why it splits when it hits a prism or a raindrop to make a rainbow. KK had asked why prisms are usually triangles.

After Declan got home Luke went to take our van to Discount Tire for the third Monday in three weeks. Turns out the tire they repaired last week was WAY out of balance which was making the steering wheel shake. Meanwhile Javi did an “adventure scout” with Mom. He writes down instructions and then we have to go searching for him.

The kids also found a very friendly cat in our neighborhood and asked all of our neighbors if it belonged to them (it did not). KK saw it first, but it seems to have taken to Javi. Cassandra made chocolate cookies with Jenny. And then we all tried to watch Fiddler on the Roof. Javi sighed… “so much singing.” So after about an hour we called it and moved on. We watched another episode or two of The Masked Singer. We’re all enjoying making predictions about who is under the mask, and finding out if we were right! 🙂

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