Successful Cleaning & Ice Cream ~ September 29, 2020

Tuesday morning I woke up and got to work writing. My writing block is from 8am to 10am, and I got a lot done on our non-fiction book that we’re working on. Lover and the kids finished up making (and eating!) the ice cream! The kids did chores and other school, and then I came down and started working with them while Lover and Javi headed out for errands and special time.

The kids played outside with the cat while I cleaned the living room. I cleaned everything top to bottom, vacuumed, washed the floor, dusted, washed windows, repotted a few of our plants, went through some bins, and organized and cleaned out the game cabinet. It was a productive few hours!

The kids have really loved playing with the cat (I need to get some pictures!) and I really feel like this cat is a gift from God. The kids have been desperate for a pet, and we are just not at a point where we can commit to having a pet for several years. I actually looked into getting an outdoor cat a few weeks ago, but again, just felt like it wasn’t the right time. So – God sent our kids a cat anyways! It’s super friendly and comes around each day, and the kids are just having a blast.

Lover went and did his shift at the food pantry, and his back is feeling better enough that he was able to walk there and back. Hurray! I’ve been nursing him for a week or so, it was encouraging to make some progress on healing!

In the evening we cleaned up the kitchen and I kept the kids outside while I finished washing the rest of the floors. They have a bad habit of walking over the floors right as I mopped them, and leaving lots of little footprints and dirt! So we kept them outside while the floors dried, and then we hung out together in the evening. It was a long and productive day, and everyone had a good time!

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