When the Packers beat the Falcons ~ October 5, 2020

Like every other Monday, we started our day with Lover taking the van out to get some work done. It’s become a habit! 🙂 He got an oil change, and the kids and I cleaned and did school. Then Lover was back in time to meet with a guy about getting new siding – the north side of our house is really disintegrating, and so we’re starting to investigate our options on how to address it.

The kids visited with our adopted outdoor cat, and they decided to name it Brave. (Our neighbors have also adopted it, and named it Charles. We’ll see which one sticks.) We did a video call with my parents, and the kids played with play-doh. KK got very creative with her doh, making a snowman and mints, and all kinds of pretty things. While we videoed with my parents, I fixed Javi’s footed pajamas. All the kids love footed pajamas, or as they call them, sliddy pajamas. Javi wore his out last year, so I replaced the foot with a new piece of cloth. It took a while, but came out great!

The kids also created things with dominoes, and played with the neighbors outside. I probably took a nap. It’s hard to keep track these days, but when in doubt, I was probably sleeping. 🙂 In the evening, Lover worked with Javi to make calzones. We invited friends over who are Falcons fans, and Javi was cooking dinner. They came and we ate like kings, and struggled to get a working feed for the Packers. Eventually we did though, and we enjoyed some time together. The kids all played outside until it was time for friends to go, and then at halftime we did bedtime. We watched the rest of the game and it was nice to see our team win once again.

For dessert, we also did clown sundaes. I used to eat these growing up at Friendlys, and had wanted to take the kids there to experience them this summer. Sadly, all of the ones in Rochester closed! So we finally gathered the ingredients to do them ourselves tonight. A bag of Reeses Pieces, some spray whipped cream, ice cream and pointy cones and we were golden! (Special thanks to my mom’s prayer group who gave us some money this summer to do something fun with the kids).

It was a fun day, and we were thankful to get to spend some of it with friends. On to the next day!

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