Indian Food! ~ October 4, 2020

We drove to church since we were super late waking up – we had to wake the kids up at 8:20! The kids went to their classes and we sat outside on the plaza. Thankfully it wasn’t nearly as cold as the week before!

Then when we got home, we made the dough for Naan bread, for the Indian recipe we were trying out. We had all gotten the chicken marinating the night before, and now we were ready to make our feast! Javi made rice, and the kids helped roll out the doughs for the Naan, while Lover made the complex sauce that the chicken simmers in for a long time. Our house smelled SO GOOD. We had all the spices from the previous times we’ve made Indian, and it was just a matter of putting together a really delicious sauce. We made butter chicken and while it’s not complicated, it does take quite a while to make. Especially because you want all of those flavors to come together and really meld. It was super yummy, and everyone enjoyed it. I think the Naan will take some more work to really nail it, but it still got gobbled up, so clearly it was also yummy!

In the evening we just hung out, did State of the Kodankos, and got the kiddos into bed. It was a nice relaxing day, and we are ready to start our week!

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