Goodwill Hunting ~ October 3, 2020

We started out our Saturday slow and easy as usual, but eventually headed out to the fun Goodwill on the other side of the city. We shopped for a while and found shirts for Lover, snow pants for Javi, a winter jacket for Declan and Keilana and lots of other goodies. Definitely helps stretch the budget, for sure! The kids entertained themselves reading books while we shopped.

Love seeing the kiddos read happily!

After Goodwill we drove around and found a park, and let the kids play. They got good and dirty and had a great time until it was time to leave because I was so hungry. 🙂 We grabbed burgers on the way home, and then just relaxed at home in the afternoon. We got in a game of Dutch Blitz, and then the kids were very excited to get a package from Nana! Lover messed with them by using it as a pillow, and the four of them worked together to get the package away from him. They were all excited to get new clothes from Nana, and Cassandra got the most adorable little coat. Thanks Nana!

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