Blueberry Cobbler & Fun together ~ October 2, 2020

The big kids put together a slapstick comedy show today. It was super funny! Declan about lost his mind laughing, he thought they were hysterical. Whether he’s the one making people laugh, or he’s the one laughing, he always helps everyone around him have a great time. Friday is a writing day for me, so I worked on lots of writing while Lover handled the kids. It was a pretty smooth morning, thankfully.

The littles helped me make blueberry cobbler to bring over to Erin’s house. She and Anya and I got together to spend some time and get caught up, we’ve all been so disconnected over the summer! While the cobbler cooked, the kids all played Legos, and Keilana created a football game. There was a camera (the monkey), goal posts, a crowd, lots of players, and of course a football. (the loaf of bread). It was super creative.

Lover and the kids watched a show and hung out with the kids while I went over to my friends house. Anya ended up being super late, so Erin and I hung out and chatted while we waited for her. Then the three of us hung out for a bit and then called it a night – we were all tired from the week!

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