The Kids’ Store ~ October 7, 2020

We did a video call with Lover’s parents this morning, and after about an hour, Cassandra and I headed out for a quick errand and some special time. This is one of the benefits to Lover being home – I get to have special, individual time with the kiddos too! We haven’t found a groove of consistently hitting each kid yet, but we’re getting there. It’s so nice to not have to split my attention between multiple kids! I don’t think Cassandra stopped talking the entire time we were out. We did a quick return, and then looked for a few clothing items on our list, but didn’t find anything. I bought her a snack and we headed back home. She was so excited to get to share her special treat with her siblings!

Javi creatively made a clothes person today out of stuffed animals and his clothes. It made me laugh! I love when they’re creative and funny. The kids have been hard at work making their own paint out of ground up chalk and water. The neighbor kids have gotten involved, and there are cups of different colored paint, bottles of water and rocks all over the driveway. Today they got the idea to open a store, and started selling rocks, painted rocks, and the ability to pet a stuffed animal. They ended up having quite a bit of traffic, and made almost $30! People were very excited to see kids doing “normal kid things.”

Once it was dark we had to call the kids in from their entrepreneurship, and put them to bed. They were of course, very disappointed. But, it was a nice full day, and everyone had fun.

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