Palmer Lake ~ October 8, 2020

We headed out Thursday morning to get a bunch of errands done. As you can see it was a cold morning, and Declan did his best impression of a blanket worm. 🙂 We drove all over the place, getting our errands done, with our last stop at IKEA. We saw a car with a Catan sticker on it, so we left them a note on their windshield with our number in case they wanted to get together to play! 🙂

Then we drove down south along the foothills, towards Monument. It’s a beautiful drive, especially in the fall! We stopped a few times to take pictures, and then ended at Palmer Lake to let the kids play for a bit. They did a great job not getting wet, and made friends with a dog and her nice owner who let them throw the ball for her.

After that we headed home, refreshed and restored after our time in nature! We are trading date nights with friends this week, so our evening tonight is free and relaxing!

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